Plain belt for removable buckle


You like to change your buckle style? Here's a better version than the regular belt with snaps. My belts use screw to hold the buckle, much more durable than snaps!

The belts are 1 1/2'' wide.


You choose:


- color (black or dark brown)

- the size (28 - 44, see my Belt size chart to choose correctly.)


Price: 25$

Optional buckles


Special price for a kit with a buckle and a belt! All the buckles are massive and of high quality.


Modèle / Price


Skull: 50$

Skull & Snakes: 50$

Eagle & Cross: 50$

Dragon: 50$

Big cross: 50$

Steampunk rectangle: 50$

Steampunk with moving gear: 60$

Celtic cross: 50$

Big round flower: 55$